Pros & Cons of Buying Handmade

Pros & Cons of Buying Handmade
January 18, 2018 mainili

Handmade become really attractive subject these days. Well, people have their reasons to buy handmade, but there are many pros and cons of buying handmade.


One of a Kind

And yours, yes! and no one may see the same thing on another one.


You will be the first one who wears & spread…

High Re-selling Rates

As it is something hard to find, it always easy to re-sell something hard to see around.

Environment Friendly

Producing in lesser amounts means lesser waste. Lesser waste means better environments.

Supporting Art & Craft Cycle

You know, also artists / artisans pay their bills, rent, groceries, medical expenses. so, if you buy handmade then you support the artist/artisan to make her/him create again.

Loving it

The most important one I think, some crafts may cause daydreaming


Usually more expensive

Artists/artisans buy their craft materials in limited amounts. So this effects their retail prices. Well, it is because of the economic balances of the countries. Since China becomes cheap in bulk production, it reduces the prices. Even some handmade makers are buying their raw material from China, yes! it is really hard to battle with economics !

No One has their Back-up

So you may wait for your parcel to be arrived if the artist decided to go vacation, or got sick. – well, it happens rarely, because artists don’t have enough money for vacations…


Even if some handmade designs are high-end crafts, they may not be tested in industrial standards.

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